Note on Old Testament Chronology

Luther, Martin, 1483-1546

A manuscript in Martin Luther's own hand, "Notes on Two Chronological Difficulties in the Old Testament" (see Weimar Edition of The Works of Martin Luther, Volume 60, page 163). The document is a seven line author's note written in 1541, in which Luther discussed the accuracy of the computations in his 1541 work, Computation of the Years of the World. (Weimar Edition of The Works of Martin Luther, Volume 53, pages 177-182).
The verso contains several inscriptions external to the document. In the upper left corner is the inscription in ink: "Frammento autografo di / M. Lutero." In the upper right corner are the initials "EF[G]". At the bottom in pencil is the inscription: "Question de Chronologie biblique" with the initials "L.[g]"
The note is written on paper 11.5 x 19.5 cm. The lower right corner shows evidence of repair to a hole in the paper. The paper is moderately stained, but otherwise in good condition. The document has been encapsulated in Mylar for protection.
Translation and transcription available.

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