Engraving of William of Orange and his wife, Mary II, with their royal lineage

An engraving with William of Orange (William III of England & William II of Scotland) and his wife, Mary II of England and Scotland in the center, surrounded by portraits of their various royal predecessors, including Edward VI of England (top left), Henry VIII of England (top center), Elizabeth I of England (top right), James I of England (bottom left), Charles II of England (bottom center), and Charles I of England (bottom right).
This engraving is found on page [2XX] of "An epitomy of ecclesiastical history : containing I. The life and death of our Blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, with the lives of the apostles and holy evangelists, II. The lives of the antient fathers, school-men, first Reformers, and modern divines, III. The lives of several honourable and pious persons, who have lived in these latter centuries, IV. The lives of all the kings and queens of England, since the Reformation to this present year of the reigns of Their Majesties King William and Queen Mary" by John Shirley (1706 SHIR).

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