Using the Site

Pitts Digital Collections features digitized and born-digital versions of items from Pitts' Special Collections. The site allows users to both search and browse these collections. 

Copyright and Re-Use

All items in Pitts Digital Collections include a Rights Statement, indicating which pieces are free to re-use without written permission. Look for the "Free to Use" check mark and "Download Item" link.

For all re-use and reproduction, please include an attribution beside the item, "Pitts Theology Library."

For items in copyright or with unclear copyright status, please contact Pitts Theology Library. In most cases, Pitts Theology Library does not hold copyright of items in the collection, but can help connect people to the appropriate rightsholder for permissions. 

About the Site

Pitts Digital Collections is a custom Omeka S repository, developed by Agile Humanities and the staff at Pitts Theology Library. 

Pitts Theology Library, one of Emory University's six instructional libraries, holds a distinguished collection of theological materials, and is one of the premier theological libraries in North America.